Glen Lake Protective Association
NYSDEC Fish Survey's Starting July 24th
NYSDEC will be conducting a fish survey on Glen Lake beginning Tuesday, July 24, weather permitting.
The process may continue for a couple weeks. Be aware that there will be nighttime activity. Electrical charges are used to temporarily stun fish, so stay away from from the DEC boat and crews.

Herbicide Application Update
Potable water use restrictions following the herbicide treatment have been lifted.
 ** Irrigations restrictions remain in effect until notified **

What's New

Annual Meeting Monday August 6th @ 6PM
at McPhillips Manor, 49 Birch Rd
Bring Your Own Chairs and Drinks an Appetizer or Dessert to share

Per our Special Meeting of July 11 on the proposed Septic Property Transfer Law, please find attached an e-copy of the draft Queensbury Septic Inspection Worksheet for your review. A version of this would be used in the septic inspection process, if the law were to be passed, which seems likely. Please review and bring comments or questions to our August 6th meeting, or send questions or comments to Paul Derby at  

Septic Inspection Worksheet


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